NOUTEC promotes among children and youth the needed values for the development of a scientifically and technologically leading society, principally: the sports of the mind, the scientific spirit, the technological initiative, creativity and systemic thinking.

At present, the association focuses its activity in three content lines:
 Educational robotics
 System thinking  Arts & multimedia  [+ info PDF]
To reach this goal, the association accomplishes the following activities:
  • Afternoon afterschool program for high school students and tutorship of research projects.
  • Afternoon club program for students who want to undertake more intensive activities and/or particiate in competitions.
  • Morning activities and workshops for educational centers, to help and as a practical complement of the center subjects, jointly designed with the teachers of each subject.
  • International Summer courses with intensive timetable and language classes, especially in English, official language of the course.
  • Training courses for teachers, direction teams and other agents of the educational community.
  • Other training activities, advice, popularization and awareness like conferences, talks, film screenings, competitions organization and local and international collaborative projects, education centers support, etc.